Social Media Retrospective: My Top 5 Posts of 2012

1. TED Talks – Stroke of Insight and Open Sourcing a Cure for Brain Cancer

I loved watching TED Talks on my phone, tablet, and sometimes even my computer this year. I learned a lot about cognitive behavior, emotional design, life, the universe, and everything. Here are my top two that I keep going back to watch again:

Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight is an amazing story told by a brilliant and inspirational Doctor:

Salvatore Iaconesi has brain cancer and he has open-sourced the cure:

 2. eCards – They are the new word shirt

Admit it, you laugh when these pop up…

3. Flashmobs on YouTube – Especially professionally orchestrated, Guinness book of World Records epic flashmobs like this one:

SOM Sabadell Flash Mob

4. Google+ – The best new social media outlet!!

I wrote a blog solely devoted to this fantastic new Social Media Outlet, I love it so much:

Circle me:

5. George Takei on Facebook – clearly, Sulu from Star Trek has embraced Social Media

Takei posts an average of three times every day and has over 3 Million followers. And I repost him on my Facebook account an average of twice per day… “Oh Myyyy”


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