Video Insights: Stepping Out and Playing With Video

Even though I am a filmmaker, I am still amazed sometimes at how easy it is now for anyone to make and use videos to promote themselves, their product or their business. These statistics below support the idea that maybe you and your company might want to think about stepping out and playing a little more with moving images as a way of telling your story, your companies story, or selling your product in a more efficient way.

As of November, 2012, these following statistics were released by multiple web analytic companies:

  •  In the US, 183 million people watched more than 37 billion online content videos during September 2012 according to comScore.
  •  A MarketingSherpa case study found video email doubled click through rates for one B2B company.
  •  Eloqua found 51% of the online searches for their video tutorials were a result of direct searches within YouTube, compared to 1%   from external Google searches.
  •  Forrester reports Ninety Percent Of The Online Population Will Regularly Watch Video By 2017.
  •  According to Toprank 70% of B2B content marketers use online videos.
  •  The mobile video audience has gained 15 million viewers in the last two years, a 77% increase via Business Insider.
  •  eMarketer predicts there will be 73.3 million mobile video viewers during 2013, up 20% from 2012

The first step in wandering into the video production arena, is the initial step: investigating and understanding that videos are potent and meaningful for you and your company: spreading to potential customers both your brand identity and who you are as a company. The second step is learning what makes a good video.



This article was written by Rebecca Chambers – Chief Storyteller at Dream Local Digital. Rebecca moved to Maine from Los Angeles in 2010 after marrying her husband, Christian. Rebecca’s education and background is in documentary film and new media. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Film from UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and her Masters in Media Studies from The New School for Public Engagement in New York. Prior to moving to Maine, Rebecca worked on multiple documentary projects including Ken Burn’s National Parks: America’s Best Idea, Al Gore’s online campaign Repower America and Tony and Ridley Scott’s exploration of Air Force pilots Top Guns. Rebecca is excited to be working for Dream Local, putting her storytelling and new media skills to use for their clients.

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